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delaware workers compensation lawyersHelping injured Delaware workers is a major focus at the Delaware workers’ compensation law firm of Schuster Jachetti, LLP. Call our Delaware workers compensation lawyers today. Offering free consults and we charge no fees unless we win for you.

I’m Wilmington Delaware Workers’ Compensation Attorney Joe Jachetti. My partner and I have more than 45 years of experience as Delaware workers compensation attorneys. We help workers like you get the benefits you need and deserve in the aftermath of a serious work accident, or the onset of an occupational disease.


We have a complete understanding of our state’s workers’ compensation laws, and are not afraid to fight against employers and insurers who fail to treat injured workers appropriately.

Comprehensive Services for Work Injury Victims in Delaware

From offices in Wilmington, Smyrna and Georgetown, our Dover Delaware workers compensation lawyers advise and represent clients from many different occupations and professions throughout the state. Whether you work in an office, at a construction site, in agriculture, at a factory or in any other setting, you can rely on the Wilmington Delaware workers compensation lawyers at Schuster Jachetti, LLP. We care about you and will do everything necessary protect your rights and obtain you the maximum amount of benefits and financial compensation. We encourage you to reach out to us for advice on any aspect of Delaware workers’ compensation law. We will guide you on all the issues you might face, including:

  • Understanding your eligibility for workers’ comp benefits
  • Letting your employer know you were injured
  • Filing an initial claim for workers’ comp
  • What to expect after filing
  • Dealing with denied claims
  • Reopening claims

Over the years, clients have come to us suffering the effects of serious back injuries, repetitive stress injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning, asbestos exposure and many other types of harm. We have successfully recovered maximum benefits for these clients, and we will do everything we can to do the same for you.

How Much Does Workers’ Comp Pay and for How Long?

For a full explanation of the types of benefits available, we invite you to read our workers’ compensation FAQ. The following is a short summary of the benefits provided to injured workers in Delaware:

  • Temporary total disability (TTD): After your treatment is finished, your doctor will determine whether you can or cannot go back to work. If you cannot, you are considered disabled. You will be entitled to receive 66 2/3 percent of your gross weekly wages for as long as you are disabled.
  • Temporary partial disability (TPD): You are considered partially disabled if you can perform some work, but not the work you were performing at the time of your accident. You will be entitled to 2/3 of the difference between your old wage and your new wage. This benefit lasts a maximum of 300 weeks.
  • Partial permanent disability (PPD): If one of your body parts is permanently impaired, you will receive a one-time payment, the size of which is based on what body part is impaired, how severe the impairment is, and how much money you were making at the time of injury.

Fault In Delaware Work Injury Cases

In Delaware a workers’ comp case differs from auto accident cases in different ways. For example in a car accident the circumstances of the accident determine fault. If you were injured at work the company you work for is automatically at fault. To learn more about fault in a Delaware workers comp case contact our Delaware workers’ comp attorneys.

Call Our Delaware Workers Compensation Lawyers

If you or someone you know was seriously hurt on the job, the Newark, Delaware workers compensation lawyers at Schuster Jachetti LLP are ready to evaluate the situation and pursue workers’ comp benefits and financial compensation on your behalf. For a free consultation, contact us online or give us a call:

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