Case Results

Verdicts & Settlements

Automobile Accident
$7,000,000 award
Client worked for PennDot and was holding a “Slow/Go” sign when a vehicle collided with him. Plaintiff was airlifted to the hospital and was in critical condition.

Automobile Accident
$1,100,000 award
39 year old was proceeding through intersection. Defendant driver ran red light and T-boned plaintiff, who sustained major injury to chin.

Defective Drug
$950,000.00 award
Settlement for injury caused by dangerous product.

Slip and Fall
$800,000.00 award
Client suffered a severe ankle fracture, required surgery.

Slip and Fall
$540,800 award
Case involved a client who was injured when he slipped on a wet floor at a convenience store. Client had pre-existing back injuries, and aggravated his back during the slip and fall accident.

Premises Liability
$530,000 Award
Our office helped a client obtain a $530,000 for a client who broke their kneecap after a cement path collapsed due to water damage.

Auto Accident
$500,000 award
Woman was struck by drunk driver and sustained injuries to her neck and back. Claimant was employed as a nurse and lost wages due to disability.

Personal Injury
$450,000 award
Client was struck by a dump truck. The client sustained knee, shoulder, hip, neck and back injuries resulting in surgeries on his knee, hip and shoulder.

Workers Comp
$445,000.00 settlement on a totally disputed case for a laborer who had an unwitnessed fall off a ladder sustaining a brain injury.

Motorcycle Accident
$295,000 award
A car struck our client’s motorcycle, propelling him onto the pavement, causing a fractured clavicle, among other injuries

Auto Accident
$275,000 award
Client was rear ended and sustained back and neck injuries.

Workers Comp
$250,000 settlement for a worker who injured his lower back and aggravated a previous neck injury, required two separate surgeries.

Dog Bite
$210,000 award
28 year old woman bit by a dog while visiting a friend. She suffered dog bite wounds on her face, head and arm.

Slip and Fall event
$180,000 award
Middle aged woman fell leaving her place of employment. Improper drainage of sprinkler. Had neck injury with NO surgery.

Auto Accident
$150,000 award
Passenger who injured knee in car accident

Social Security
SS Benefits approved
The Social Security Administration denied our 58 year old client’s application for Social Security Disability Benefits, even though she suffered from arthritis and a spinal cord injury. We pursued his appeal, and persuaded the Social Security Administration to approve her claim for Social Security Disability Benefits.

Dog Bite
$90,000 award
Client was bit in the face by a dog